Provided I have my internet connection back by then, 6Prime will update Monday / Wednesday / Friday the week of November 3 to make up for the missed update this week.
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#146: Not Conrad

Thursday, October 30, 2014
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Amethest, Bruce, Susie

As some of you may know, my primary internet access for the past few months has been via a dial-up connection that is capable of handling no more than about 4 KB per second.

Now, I've grown up with this kind of limitation. I've learned to deal with it. What's slightly more difficult to deal with is that since it is a connection via landline phone, the occasional local outage leaves us without an internet connection.

It doesn't happen very often, but late Sunday night was one of those times, and there wasn't much warning. I don't even know what happened; all I know is that I haven't had an internet connection since Sunday, which is why no comic appeared then and no explanation was given. I've had to travel out of my (very) rural location to a coffee shop just to post this!


I've uploaded what was supposed to be Monday's comic today, and since the local phone company has proven unreliable in their estimate of when they'll have the problem fixed, I won't count on having the ability to post another update this week, so I will simply post three updates next week for the sake of staying on schedule.

In the meantime, I've decided that I really like updating twice a week, so I'll keep doing it after this storyline ends—which, by the way, it will do at the end of next week's third update.

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